Phone Skills for Veterinary Practices

Today’s market is competitive. Clients are seeking affordable pet care and have many choices. A well-trained front office team has the ability to increase revenues by converting telephone inquiries to appointments. Do you know what impression pet owners have of your practice when they call to ask about services and fees?

Did you know that most veterinary client service representatives fail to engage callers who inquire about fees? And only 25% ask to schedule an appointment. Due to a lack of training, your practice could have thousands in missed revenues every month.

Click on the link below to find out how to provide training so your team can comfortably and consistently attract and retain more clients one call at a time. Now you can provide veterinary specific training for your entire team at a fraction of what it costs to send employees to conferences.

Dr. Donnelly’s video training programs include:

  • A comprehensive set of nine online instructional videos and over 20 downloadable tools and training guides so managers have everything they need to implement, refresh and repeat an effective training program for a year.
  • Mystery shopping calls to your practice for designated employees and comprehensive reports with recommendations presented in a conference call with Dr. Donnelly to discuss team results & implementation of your training program.
  • Plus, coaching calls with Dr. Donnelly!

Invest in your team now!

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