If you’re looking for someone who is a dynamic speaker with content-rich programs, then you need Dr. Amanda Donnelly!


Dr. Donnelly teaches veterinary teams how to grow their practice and create an environment where everyone is excited to come to work. She is an authority on veterinary practice leadership, team communications, client engagement and pet owner communications that increase compliance.

Dear Dr. Donnelly,

I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at the AVMA convention. You are certainly a knowledgeable and skilled speaker. Your talk on empowering your team really hit home. You manage your time well while you talk and always gave a summary that told the “what” and the “why” very concisely. I picked up many tips about how I can manage my staff meetings better!

Laura Redenbaugh
Office manager

Dr. Donnelly has a passion for speaking and interacting with audiences. She has been described as authentic, candid, practical and polished. Dr. Donnelly always delivers entertaining seminars and helps her audiences and clients with relevant information and actionable takeaways.

Dr. Amanda Donnelly’s high-energy seminars combine her clinical experience and business skills to provide practical, easy-to-implement solutions while engaging audiences. Choose from Dr. Donnelly’s most popular presentations below or contact our office to learn more about customizing a program for your next meeting!

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2023 Practice Management Educator of the Year for WVC


Twice Named Practice Management Speaker of the Year for VMX

Getting More Pets The Care They Deserve

Dr. Donnelly teaches teams how to maximize the opportunity during every client interaction to create an exceptional experience and help pets get the care they deserve.  Audiences learn how to be seen as a trusted advisor in today’s marketplace and build client loyalty before, during and after visits.   Participants will learn how to focus on client engagement and client education to improve client retention and increase word of mouth referrals. They’ll walk away knowing specific communication skills and action steps the whole team can immediately apply in order to create lasting impressions with pet owners, increase client visits, and improve compliance with wellness and treatment plan recommendations.


Building Better Teams

In this dynamic seminar, Dr. Donnelly shares how leadership must adapt and change to create a work environment where everyone is happy AND productive.  She teaches audiences how to identify what’s not working for their team and the how to fix the problems.  Participants will walk away with specific action steps they can immediately apply to improve employee accountability, engagement and productivity.