An on-site consultation is the best way to fully assess your practice and develop an appropriate action plan for you and your team to reach desired goals. With our on-site consultations, we can assess your practice in the following areas: culture, leadership, human resource management, financial management, operational efficiency, employee communications, team development, marketing, and client communications.

Dr. Donnelly combines her wealth of knowledge as a veterinarian and business consultant with her problem-solving skills to coach you to become a more effective leader and reach your goals. To better understand your culture, she will review and collate the results of the confidential employee engagement surveys distributed prior to the on-site visit. She will also review your leadership questionnaires and strategic planning worksheet.

After the consultation visit, you’ll receive a written follow-up report that includes the results of your team’s engagement surveys and interviews, an assessment of key performance indicators, a leadership evaluation, a detailed action plan, and access to a multitude of practice tools and resources.

Dr. Donnelly provides follow-up phone and email support to address any questions you may have regarding the execution of your action plan and other management challenges that may arise. This includes twice-monthly video conference calls to help hold you and your team accountable to the action plan.

“Dr. Donnelly really helped us get organized so we are no longer flying by the seat of our pants.  We now have a much better idea of where we have come from and where we are going – and more importantly – how to get there.

We have become more goal oriented- this may seem obvious and simple, but many practices are good enough to get by – but not good enough to get better.  I am very thankful to Dr. Donnelly for making the obvious (goal) part of everyday life.  Of even greater importance is the fact that the entire staff has started to share in this same goal.”

Stuart Gluckman, DVM
Mendon Village Animal Hospital
Mendon, NY

Here are some of the improved outcomes you can expect with Dr. Donnelly’s coaching:

Financial Management

  • Know how to evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) for your practice
  • Understand how to implement sound pricing strategies
  • Utilize key strategies to grow your practice
  • Enhanced profitability

Leadership & Human Resource Management

  • Lower stress by becoming a proactive vs. reactive leader
  • Lead and manage by core values to improve your practice culture
  • More motivated and empowered team members
  • Use communications that improve employee accountability and job performance

Marketing Management

  • Utilize KPIs to determine areas of greatest opportunity for marketing
  • Greater client compliance
  • Know the best ways to attract new clients


  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Productive team meetings that lead to positive change
  • Better inventory management

Client Service

  • Higher levels of client engagement and loyalty
  • CSRs with exceptional phone skills
  • Team members trained to consistently communicate the value of services