The success of any business is in large part tied to the quality of the leadership provided by owners and managers. Sometimes the missing element in achieving practice goals and developing the desired work environment is positive leadership. Providing effective leadership for your team is an-going process and you may face daily challenges.

If you find yourself stressed and constantly reacting to the next crisis or problem, then you can likely benefit from some leadership coaching. Dr. Donnelly works with owners and managers to determine areas of opportunity to develop and enhance their personal leadership skills. With her coaching, you will be able to create productive work teams and a more rewarding culture which drives the success of your business. As you hone your leadership skills, you will attain greater peace of mind because your practice management will be more effective and hospital operations will run smoother.

Phone consultations

Hourly telephone sessions are an excellent way to get affordable consultation assistance. Dr. Donnelly routinely helps her clients with challenges in the areas of leadership, human resource management, employee relations, marketing strategy and financial management.

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