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Running a veterinary practice is hard work. Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams is the book for practice owners and managers who want solutions for veterinary practice success. In this comprehensive resource, Dr. Amanda Donnelly answers common management questions and offers straightforward, practical advice for how you can affect positive change especially in the areas of culture, team development, and daily operations.

The book gives you the insight you need to:

  • Lower your stress and lead with greater confidence
  • Create a values-based, inclusive culture
  • Implement an effective team training program
  • Recruit and retain the best employees to build a high performance team
  • Enhance employee empowerment and self-leadership
  • Manage difficult conversations with team members
  • Improve operational efficiency

Plus, you will find bonus chapters on financial management and client communications as well as downloadable tools and checklists.

By the end of Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams, you’ll know how to be a better leader, how to improve team communications, and how to have a more profitable, thriving practice. Equally important, you’ll have a go-to reference outlining the success essentials of veterinary practice management to add to your library.

Praise for Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams

“In the introduction of “Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams”, Dr. Donnelly refers to pets as life savers for us. In actuality, her guidance and succinct advice was a life saver to me! Running a busy veterinary hospital takes so much more than we learned in veterinary school. We focus on medicine, surgery and prescribing, yet there is so much more involved. Dr. Donnelly outlines how something as simple as setting weekly goals has a huge impact. The hospital positive culture is imperative, and she encourages us to develop core values for our practice, enabling the staff to contribute directly and therefore improving well-being and job satisfaction.

The book’s hiring advice is pertinent and allows us to find the best employee for each position, allowing us to delegate appropriately and confidently. The training ideas are practical, achievable, and so often overlooked. Employees want to do well, and these tools offer the proper guidelines to achieve success.

Using specific verbiage from the book to discuss poor behaviors and issues can minimize escalations and actually improve our staff’s performance. I had no idea that I was conveying the wrong messages all these years; Dr. Donnelly helped me to communicate effectively and painlessly.

Often we’re thrust into daily practice life and financial management gets neglected. Most of us did not attend veterinary school to become rich and as compassionate individuals we allow our emotions to guide us. The financial management chapter taught me the absolute importance of monitoring our key performance indicators (KPIs) weekly in order to track our progress and deficits.

This book is clever, concise, and thoroughly practical. I encourage reading it to enhance your practice satisfaction and performance.”

Joanne Carlson, DVM
Owner, Loving Care Animal Hospital