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Dr. Amanda Donnelly is a sought-after speaker, author, business consultant, and second-generation veterinarian. She is driven by her goals of helping veterinarians become better leaders and teaching teams how to enhance the client service experience. Well known as a dynamic speaker, Dr. Donnelly has twice been named Practice Management Speaker of the Year for the North American Veterinary Conference. Dr. Donnelly is the author of the book 101 Practice Management Questions Answered and a contributing author for Blackwell’s Five Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult. Dr. Donnelly is a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri, Columbia. She earned her MBA from Baker University in Overland Park, Kansas and also holds a certificate in Veterinary Practice Administration from the AAHA Veterinary Management Institute (VMI) at Purdue University.

What to Say and Do in Times of Crisis and Change

What a difficult time for veterinary practice leaders trying to survive and thrive during the coronavirus pandemic!  In addition to dealing with declining revenues, changes to curbside service, and navigating the new normal of everyday life, leaders must continue to inspire and guide their teams. Here are some practical, helpful strategies to implement to help [...]

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Are You Tired of Problem Employees?!

What's the greatest challenge at your practice? When I ask veterinarians and practice managers this question the number one answer is "human resource management."   I hear about HR headaches related to lack of accountability, employee conflict, drama, lack of motivation, low morale, poor job performance and resistance to change just to name a few. What's interesting is [...]

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Are You Asking Good Questions?

I had an aha! moment recently as I reflected on two conversations.  In one, the other person was seemingly complaining about a situation and I didn’t understand why.  As a result, I believe my comments lacked empathy.  In the second, the person was lamenting their situation and I offered what I thought were helpful suggestions. [...]

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What Do Clients Feel When they Visit Your Practice?

I recently read that Petco announced they’re redesigning some of their stores to encourage more interaction with employees and other pet owners. One of the new features is a concierge desk for customers to get advice on pet nutrition and training as well as other information. And I read that PetSmart has announced the grand [...]

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3 Ways to Take Client Service to a Higher Level

I’m one of those people who live to eat as opposed to someone who eats to live.  I really enjoy eating out whether it is at a fancy restaurant, a local chain restaurant or a dive.  Recently I dined at a local upscale chain restaurant that has 4 locations in the Tampa area.  I ordered [...]

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How to Better Educate Clients Who Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

Last month I had the good fortunate to have a speaking engagement in the home town of my brother and sister-in-law.  How nice to be able to stay with family instead of in a hotel.  They have 2 dogs - Zoey, a Yorkie and Malone, a Schnauzer.  It’s not unusual for my sister-in-law, Tami, to [...]

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