Increasing Client Engagement on the Telephone

Today’s market is competitive. Clients are seeking affordable pet care and have many choices. A well-trained front office team has the ability to increase revenues by converting telephone inquiries to appointments.

Do you know what impression pet owners have of your practice when they call to ask about services and fees? Dr. Donnelly personally completes your mystery shopper calls to evaluate how well your team is doing to engage callers and attract clients.

Your Telephone Skills Training Program includes:

  • Mystery shopper calls to your hospital for individual team members
  • Evaluation of each Client Service Representative in 20 assessments
  • Comparison of your hospital to other practices
  • Detailed report for each team member with evaluations and recommendations
  • Recording of all calls
  • Action Plan and handouts for skills training
  • Follow-up coaching call with Dr. Donnelly to discuss results and implementation of training program
  • Access to Dr. Donnelly’s Online Video Training Course on Telephone Skills

Invest in your team now!

Train your client service representatives to use the power of communication to create an exceptional service experience on the telephone that attracts clients to your practice.

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