Telephone Skills That Attract and Retain Clients

Did you know that most veterinary client service representatives fail to engage callers who inquire about fees? And only 25% ask to schedule an appointment. Due to a lack of training, your practice could have thousands in missed revenues every month. This course will immediately pay for itself as a result of your team’s ability to attract more new clients and provide outstanding service to every caller.

CSR answering phone

This program is beneficial for both new and experienced employees who communicate with pet owners on the telephone. Now you can provide veterinary specific training for your entire team at a fraction of what it costs to send employees to conferences.  And you will help your team be able to do their job more comfortably.

The training course includes:

  • 8 educational videos by Dr. Amanda Donnelly.  This is not a webinar or recorded presentation from a seminar; this course was produced in-studio as a training tool for veterinary teams
  • Over 1 hour (73 minutes) of content on relevant topics your team needs to deliver exceptional service
  • Course notes to use as a reference tool when learning new habits and skills
  • A Leader’s checklist to stay organized and focused on action steps to help team apply new skills
  • Employee development plan template to use to track  each employee’s progress
  • Team training exercises
  • Quizzes and discussion questions to help team members apply what they’ve learned
  • Ability to enhance learning by posting questions for Dr. Donnelly to answer
  • This digital course can be accessed at any time (initial team training, refresher, new hires) for 2 years!

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